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“Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts Academy Is The Best Place To Train”

Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts Academy is the best place to train. I came in looking for the best place to train and I can honestly say that I have found it. It is a family thing, my family is no longer my wife and kids but Team Lloyd Irvin as well.

I have been involved with sports my entire life but everyday I am amazed at the fact that I walk away not only with lessons derived from learning a new technique but lessons that carry over into my everyday life as well. We have several blackbelts in our TLI family and they all STILL PUT IT ON THE LINE and compete. Their doors are always open for questions, and Master Lloyd Irvin has breed this environment not by preaching but by example. He has never asked us to do anything that he himself hasn't already done and he puts his heart into his leadership and coaching.

One of the best aspects of our gym is that we have the best trainers and coaches for standup, and ground. So for those that want to learn all around self defense, get in shape, or become a part of the #1 Grappling Team and the fastest growing team of "Complete MMA Fighters", this is definitely the place to be. I know that my grappling game is increasing at a pace that would be impossible to match at any other gym and although you may find a place where the coaching is equal you won't find a place that is better.

Tom Zurita
Senior Engineer

"A Few Minutes Of Grappling Is Lot More Fun Than A Few Minutes On A Treadmill."

Classes with Lloyd Irving can be summed with 2 words: FUN & EFFECTIVE. It's a really fun and great way to stay in shape. A few minutes of grappling is lot more fun than a few minutes on a treadmill. It's also a great way to stay focused on something else while you quit smoking ... that's the reason I took up Jui Jitsu a few years ago. Lloyd's system is also EFFECTIVE. All of the instructors test their skills in the most grueling and realistic combat competitions so you can rest assured that what they teach will work on the street. After a few classes, I was really amazed at how unprepared and vulnerable I was for a street attack.

Henry Chang
Public Health Specialist

"Lloyd Irvin is the Best!!"

Although I've only been training with Master Lloyd for a about a month I can see why his method of training is so addictive. Coming from a natural competive background of wrestling where I got 2nd in the state of maryland for, 3rd in Eastern Region for College and 2004 MVP for Delaware State University Wrestling Team. I've seen alot of coaches and alot of tough training method. But Lloyd Irvin is by far one of the best not only does he train people for martial arts, he also trains them to become a better person and that can be seen, from family like atmosphere all the way to his Blacks Belts. This is the place to go if you want to improve your grappling game to a championship level. "To Be The Best You've Got To Train With The Best".  That's one thing I've learned in my College Wrestling Career and Lloyd Irvin is the best.

Marco Hall

"No One Can Match Lloyd Irvin's Teaching!!"

Before I came to Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts Academy I always believed in a wrestling system that only went in one direction, but when I found out about Master Lloyd and his GRAPPLING BLUEPRINT it opened my eyes to the various facets of wrestling.
Just by scratching the surface of his style, I see that I am a better wrestler adn my progression in brazilian jiu-jitsu is coming along nicely.  I have been wrestling since I was ten years old.. from juniors to high school, to college and during that time I have come across a lot of coaches but I can honestly say that Master Lloyd is the best coach ever.  He takes the time to teach the details of every movement and will ensure that you understand every aaspect of the move.  I can say that it is a blessing to train at Team Lloyd Irvin because he is the best and there is nobody that matches his ability to teach about grappling and life

Ismael Reyes

"Being a part of Team Lloyd Irvin has been very beneficial to my bjj training"

Lloyd has an actual curriculum! Every lesson is connected to the previous one but in a manner that keeps things interesting. For example, the Brabo choke might be taught on one day and on the following day, the Brabo will be shown but with two new setups. No more neck cranks one day and then mount escapes the next - this is an ordered teaching system intended to produce a well-rounded grappler. However, Lloyd's Academy is not a just a cookie-cutter assembly-line operation. Lloyd gives personal attention to each of his students, white belt or brown belt, competitor or not. After my first week there, Lloyd brought me aside and showed me a passing series that he thought would work well with my game. Needless to say, I was surprised. I had competed against many of Lloyd's students in the past and thought I would need to "pay my dues."

The other thing that I like about the Academy is that it is up to the individual how far they want to take the sport. Lloyd will help you accomplish your goals whether they are to just get in shape or to win a Mundial gold medal. If you say you can only come once a week, he will try to make that single practice as valuable and pertinent to your development as possible. "It's impossible for you to get your black belt unless you take my special class eight times a month" is something that Lloyd would not demand. In essence, Lloyd Irvin offers an innovative systematic approach to teaching jiu-jitsu that is also personalized to the individual's physical abilities and goals. He provides a professional friendly atmosphere without favoritism. I highly recommend it.

Julius Park

"Surround yourself with the right people and get addicted"

One of the central ideas of Lloyd's is surrounding yourself with the right people. Of course you will get in shape, learn spectacular techniques, and become a better fighter, but what is even more amazing is the air of respect and friendship at the academy. Then there is Lloyd. Unlike many places where the teacher is sitting on the side and barking out commands, you will usually find Llyod right beside you on the mat training just as hard as he expects everyone else to. You should be warned though: if you come and train you might become addicted and find yourself attending class all the time!

Ervin Brandon

"Fighting is a science!"

I never thought there was a science to becoming a champion, I always thought it was something you were just born with. But after training at Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts Academy i found out that fighting is a science and all the aspects that it takes to be a champion from the mental to the physical are covered in every training class.

Sabo Laban
Systems Engineer

"At Lloyd Irvin's we benefit as athletes and as people too!!"

I’ve been meaning to write you for ages now. After 8 years of training I wanted to let you know my thoughts.

I hardly know where to begin to list the benefits of training with Team Lloyd Irvin. I personally have trained with Lloyd since 1997. From day one, I knew this was the place for me as a Martial Artist and Combat Athlete. As great an athlete and fighter as Lloyd is, it has always been his coaching ability that has separated him from everybody else and kept me driving thousands of miles over the years to train with him. His ability to break down into understandable chunks the details of techniques and the often neglected (and arguably more important) combative strategy is second to none. A great thing I’ve noticed over the years is how Lloyd’s coaching ability has influenced me and my fellow students. All the advanced students try to emulate the lessons learned from Lloyd when working with beginners. Now with multiple black belts, and scores of advanced students affiliated with Lloyd the technical depth available is simply amazing.

Even though our competition team has grown into a powerhouse; don’t let that intimidate you and keep you from training with us. We have students of all levels of ability on the mat. You will not ever be used as a sparring dummy for the advanced students. You will be treated with respect and fairness at all times. The training will be strenuous but always fun and friendly. Join us, and great things will happen to you as an athlete and person!

Phillip Proctor

"I Learned More From Master Lloyd Irvin In Three Months Than I Did In The Previous Three And A Half Years Of Training."

I had been training for about three and a half years before joining Master Lloyd’s school in Camp Springs. I’ve moved around a lot, being in the military, and trained under some of the biggest names in JiuJitsu, such as Royler Gracie, David Adiv, Steve Maxwell, Regis Libre, Fredson Alves, Marcos Santos, Marcios Santos and Pat Militech. I learned more from Master Lloyd Irvin in three months than I did in the previous three and a half years of training. In the past three months I submitted the first 10 opponents I faced in competition on my way to a record of 11-1. The atmosphere at Lloyd Irvin’s is great. Everyone there is committed to making you the best you can be and everyone genuinely cares about each other.

Grappler’s Quest: Beast of the East
  • Blue Belt Light Heavyweight champion
  • No-Gi Advanced Light Heavyweight champion

    Yamasaki JiuJitsu Gear Championship
  • Blue Belt Heavyweight champion

  • Derek J. Herrera
    Midshipman 2/C US Navy

    "From white to black belt, one will find a group of highly motivated individuals working to improve their grappling game under the tutelage of Master Lloyd!!"

    Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts Academy (LIMAA) has become a second home for my family and me. From day one, we were treated with respect, courtesy, and with the utmost professionalism. Master Lloyd's instruction and knowledge is plentiful, technically precise and "the system" is proven by the success of Team Lloyd Irvin in competition. His instruction is also regimented, rigorous and breeds a very team oriented environment. For anyone who has had the opportunity to be apart of a team, you know that "the team" facilitates the accomplishing of group goals along with individual goals because of the common denominator amongst the individuals working together. That is exactly the environment at LIMAA. From white to black belt, one will find a group of highly motivated individuals working to improve their grappling game under the tutelage of Master Lloyd. Over the course of a year, I have grown to understand the impact Master Lloyd has made on the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu but I did not understand the magnitude until his induction into the "Grapplers Hall Of Fame." Along with Master Lloyd, Royce Gracie was also inducted. For those of you who may not know, Royce Gracie's exploits in the Ultimate Fight Challenges (UFC) are legendary and were influential in making the art of Jiu-jitsu a very prominent fighting art. Furthermore, I was amazed to see just as many people crowded around Master Lloyd to meet him and get a picture and/or autograph as there were for Royce Gracie. At that point, I realized that I had been taking my instruction and exposure to Master Lloyd for granted and should capitalize on every moment.

    In closing, not only has Master Lloyd become my sensei and a great instructor, but he has become a confidant and friend. I look forward to the future on and off the mat with him.

    Marvin Muldrew
    Senior Asset Manager

    "After training under Master Lloyd, I now know what it's like to train under an elite instructor"

    How many of us can remember, as children, spending Saturday mornings watching martial arts movies, playing and dreaming of being preternatural warriors studying under some renown master of the martial arts? Now fast forward to today. Although most of us are adults now, and we know that martial arts is about hard work and perseverance, wouldn't it be great to be able to study under a real master teacher? Well, guess what. You can! After training under Master Lloyd, I now know what it's like to train under an elite instructor. An instructor who leads and teaches by example. An instructor who wants you to be the best you can be. An instructor who holds all of his students responsible for the advancement of everyone. If you have ever had the desire to study and train in the martial arts, don't miss the opportunity to study with Master Lloyd. Come on in and try it out. The team is waiting for you!

    Marc Homer

    Lloyd Irvin's Martial Arts Academy
    6333 Old Branch Avenue, Suite 302
    Camp Springs, MD 20748
    EMAIL: info@lloydirvin.com
    (301) 449-KICK









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